Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Naming Poll- This One Should Work!!

Some of you may have heard, but my computer crashed (again! GRRRR!), which means it may be awhile till I can update. So to make the time go by a little faster, I'm putting a poll on here. I may add additional polls in the future if I'm feeling really bored.

My original plan was to name all of the future kids in the Bird family after different types of birds- Sparrow, Hawk, Oriole, etc. Do you like this idea? Do you think that bird names are just too out there?

Give your input and let me know what you think! Just vote in the poll below :)

EDIT: This poll has been closed!! No one has voted in a few days, so I'm guessing everyone who wanted to has!

The results:
Bird names- 8 votes
Regular names- 3 votes
Other- 2 votes

Therefore, bird names are the winner (plus that's kinda what I wanted to do anyway!).


  1. I adore Bird names! (Well as long as we're not referring to something ridiculous-like Ostrich. ^^;;) Some really cute examples could be Jay, Wren, or Lark. :3

  2. I think it is a good idea. It would make the legacy fun and also maybe I would learn a few things about different bird

  3. A lovely idea, and there are hundreds, if not thousands of different species to choose from!